FörsäljningWhether it says “sales manager” on the employee’s business card or not, most people in the company influence the company’s sales in one way or another.

It is important that all employees who have customer contacts understand their role and how they can influence the customer in a positive way. Not only by providing a good service, but also how they can influence the customer to buy that “little extra”. With a strong selling culture within the company, you have every opportunity to succeed.

We help “selling employees” to develop, both those who have “sales manager” on the business card and others.

We offer basic sales training for new and less experienced sales people and advanced sales and negotiation training for executive and key account sales managers.

Our advanced training includes DiSC – behavioral profile. It will help participants to understand their own motivations and behavior and to use this knowledge in the relationships and communication with customers. Learn more about DiSC here!

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