Human understanding of motivations and behaviors are often mentioned as critical success factors, when talking about the development of powerful communication.  DiSC gives the possibility to develop these abilities.

DiSC model describes a person’s psychological motivations and explains why we act as we do in different situations. It deepens personal insight and develops the person in their relationship and communication with others.

DiSC describes four different dimensions of our behavior. These together influence how we act in different situations. The illustration below outlines the basics of the DiSC model and how different ways of acting interact.

DiSC behavioral analysis

DiSC and the theoretical model it is based on will in a short time give you powerful insights about your own motivations and your own behavior. Additionally, it provides an easier and more effective way to interpret other people’s motivations and behaviors. The model’s different dimensions provide an educational overview and increased knowledge in behavioral development.

With this tool you can clearly see where you are on the “map” in relation to other people and evaluate what factors you need to work on to improve the way you communicate.

Each participant in our training programs will in advance do the DiSC analysis, by answering a number of questions and for each question decide between different behavioral parameters, based on a specific and defined role and situation. This is easily done on the internet.

The results will then be compiled into a summary report for each person. The report will be one of the tools we will be working with during the various programs.