kommunikationWhen we communicate with other people, we sometimes get the feeling that what we say is not really being perceived in the way we want by the other person. Although I may be confident of what I am saying is clear, the message does not come across in the right way. So, why does this happen?

Often when we try to communicate something, we proceed from our own view of how things should be. The other person might have a completely different picture. By improving the way we communicate to the recipient’s perception, we can become more persuasive and achieve better results in our communication.

We base our training in communication on DISC-behavior profile. It helps participants to understand their own motivations and behavior and how to use this knowledge to improve relationships and communication with others. Learn more about DiSC here.

One of our popular training programs is:

How to be more successful in your relationships with others. The target group are those people who want to improve their behavior and interaction with other people, for example, managers at various levels and sales people who regularly meet and engage with other people. This training is also suitable for groups of people who want to strengthen their internal cooperation, such as management teams.

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